Coming into Presence

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Coming into Presence; stories about personal and organizational transformation is a book about the essence of transformation. Hein covers the wide spectrum of deep change in four succinct chapters:

  1. Developing your inner state as an intervenor
  2. Refinding the purpose of your organisation
  3. Coaching for transformation
  4. Realizing Deep Group Dialogue

He shares in an honest and intimate way his experiences of the past 20 years as an executive coach and strategy consultant. His stories are enriched by the latest (scientific) insights of the masters in the field (among others Jaworski, Kotter, Link, Scharmer, Senge, Siegel, Zajonc), many of whom he has been working with intensively. Hein was one of the first consultants who brought Theory U or the U process to the Netherlands in 2004. The reader will find concrete examples how to be present, how to design and realize the transformation process for your organisation and how to coach clients. Hein has a unique style of storytelling that is engaging and connects to the reader.

The reader is encouraged to reflect on his or her own experiences to come to a personal truth about transformation and to act from there. If the key to transformation is to act from Presence, the question is: how to get there?

Full color 208 pages


Advance praise

I emphasize in my last book “Source” the importance of developing the inner condition of the leader to realize transformation. Hein shows in this book “Coming into Presence” that he takes this principle seriously.

Joseph Jaworski, Chairman Generon International and the Global Leadership Initiative, Transformational Leadership Expert


Dijksterhuis’ approach to organizational transformation aligns the external world with an analysis of the inner world of people and organizations. He successfully marries measurable facts, emerging social challenges and the need for clear goals with personal values, authen- ticity and business principles. The combination has proven to be very effective for Triodos Bank helping it to realize its strategy and take significant steps in its development.

Peter Blom, CEO Triodos Bank and Chair of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values

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