Executive Coaching

Today’s executives face volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) circumstances and are expected to deliver at a higher velocity than ever before. A meaningful vision, strategic clarity, better decision making, the ability to connect deeply and impactful execution are key for today’s leaders.

As an executive coach, I help people understand how our beliefs and the environments we are in, trigger certain responses and behaviours. If we are not fully aware how the environment and our thoughts impact our actions, we don’t realise our potential.  I support you to become less reactive to your surroundings and more receptive. I call this acting from a YES state of mind.

A 360 assessment can be part of the intake process usually followed by monthly face to face meetings. Observation during board meetings has proven to be powerful in the coaching process. I’ve learned from the (winning) Olympic sailing coaches to work with you as close to your daily practice as possible and be fully committed to your journey.

I feel inspired in my coaching practice by a few gurus: Irvin D. Yalom, his view on the relationship while coaching, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne and his view on awakening and (spiritual) development through action, Bernie Glassman’s statement of bearing witness and taking yourself not too seriously, the way Daniel Siegel explains how meditation and dialogue support the brain to evolve and Marshall Goldsmith‘s practical no-nonsense approach to coaching.

Coaching for growth for young(-er) executives

In my coaching practice I’ve found the following 3 questions important:

  1. ‘Who am I?’
  2. ‘Where does my bliss meet the hunger of the world?’
  3. ‘What does that mean for me every day?’

Let me elaborate a bit on these:

‘Who am I?’ sounds an easy questions and isn’t. Most of us don’t see the patterns that govern us, how we automatically react to triggers in our environment. Reflection, mindfulness, challenging questions, feedback help us to discern our habitual way of responding. By becoming more aware of the stimulus that provokes a response within us, we become more free and autonomous. We’re not shy to explore your shadows when needed.

‘Where does my bliss meet the hunger of the world?’ Where can I, with my specific qualities, serve the world (or my organization) best? What role is there for me to play? A role that I feel passionate about and that is self-sustaining. You create meaning for yourself through your actions. Reflection on your activities, inquiry into your emotions, just being silent help you to get clarity on what’s truly important for you. We challenge and encourage you to explore your future through action, since: ‘We build the road and the road builds us.’ as the Gandhi from Sri Lanka -dr. Ariyaratne- states.

‘What does that mean for me every day?’ What is the practice that I will do every day to continue learning and improving myself? The practice to strengthen my presence and active participation in the world? Discipline and action come into play. Together we formulate specific assignments in between the sessions that help you to become more resilient and successful in what you want to realize.

And as the Buddha offers:

‘We are the results of what we were and we will be the results of what we are.’