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Eagles and Gulls: Deep Dive Photography and Nature workshop with Jan van der Greef, fully booked!

June 11, 2019 @ 8:00 am - June 16, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

With Jan van der Greef, the world nature photographer of the year 2018, I organise a photography nature retreat in Norway. It will be very special.

The aim of the workshop is to connect with nature in the beautiful fjord area near Lauvsness (Flatanger) amidst white-tailed eagles during a fine art photographic adventure.

page1image55021840An estimate of 20 pairs of nesting white-tailed eagles provides an excellent basis to have multiple interactions with these majestic birds catching prey. In June there is almost daylight around the clock and the eagles are very active to feed their young. Imagine magic backlight with steep and dark cliffs as background. Our boatman Ole “The Eagleman” is very experienced and knows how to bring us to the places with most potential.

From a deeper connection we will start to practice photography from the inner self. Experimenting without the voice of judgement trying to capture what we see and what we feel in that moment. Learning technical skills is of course an important aspect of the workshop, but the process of creation is our red thread. Flow follows focus.

page1image55033488Twice a day, in the early morning and the later afternoon searching for spectacular light moments, we will spend some hours with the boat in different places in the coastal nature of the fjords of Trøndelag looking for opportunities where light is optimal to practice backlight, low key, hey key, impressionistic and abstract approaches in nature photography. We will try to identify preconceived ideas and concepts and practice “letting them go” to fully release our potential for creativity.

The herring gulls, including “Charlie” Ole’s close friend, will be there to attract our attention, providing unprecedented opportunities to make beautiful images of all kinds. Playing with the gulls in many different light situations will

further stimulate our imagination and help to release our full creative potential.

page2image54550448Other encounters may include artic skua, red/black- throated divers, otters and on land red fox, roe deer, squirrels and many songbirds. A hide in the forest can be used as well to observe the latter.


Our stay is in the cozy guesthouse of Ole and his wife Wenche, with a fully equipped kitchen, and two double and two single bedrooms. It is situated with a beautiful view on a fjord. In the living room you will find a really nice library with lots of nature/photography books. The guesthouse has Wifi. There will be transfer arranged from the airport in Trondheim to

Lauvsnes (about 180 km, ~ 2.5 hrs by car)

Characteristics of the workshop

  • Exclusive and private event
  • Amazing environment of the fjords of Trøndelag
  • Twice daily boats trips to search for fine artphotography options
  • Cozy guesthouse with ample interaction options
  • Jan van der Greef available for advice, inspiration and help on all aspects


June 11, 2019 @ 8:00 am
June 16, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


Fjords of Trøndelag
Trondheim, Norway + Google Map