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Dear Hein

It was a pleasure speaking with you today and for the opportunity to discuss your Point Positive report and stories together.  As discussed, below are my notes and reflections summarized into your Strengths Inventory.  It is likely not an exhaustive list, and as you re-read the stories in your report additional strengths may emerge.    I am always happy to review other stories from your Point Positive with you.

Your Strengths Inventory:

  • Inspiring: through actions, words, and by example, helps others to be more than they believe is possible
  • Challenger:  is direct and to the point; not afraid to offer “radical candor” when trust is established
  • Compassion:  makes strong connections and listens with care; is sensitive to others’ feelings and willing to give of self to help them overcome challenges, learn, and grow
  • Empathy: provides energy too and can experience how others are feeling
  • Present:  gives full attention when engaging with others in an objective and thoughtful manor
  • Non-judgmental:  is deeply interested in people, their differences, likes and dislikes; looks beyond the superficial to understand and learn
  • Passion (for performance):  demonstrates enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence when taking on challenges and completing tasks

Value/belief: making connections and building trust is key to helping others

Value/belief: be there for others in need

Thank you again for your time.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or would like to discuss this list or Point Positive further.

All the best,

John Wills

Partner Essentic


Point Positive is an interesting tool: you ask 12 people to upload stories on a website when you were at your best for them. I felt some reluctance to do so (and that’s interesting too). With John I went over the stories that clients, friends and family shared with me. He summarised my strengths above. Pretty happy with it. It’s all based on positive psychology and interesting that you’re supposed to look only at your strengths, instead of what you can (should!) improve. 


Picture is from a Buddhist Temple in Dale (China), where I went with my wife last fall.

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