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Last week I facilitated the As Far As retreat in Sankt Moritz, Switzerland. Twenty-four Movers and Shakers (investors, artists and founders) came together to deepen their understanding and experience of transformation. It worked out exceptionally well. We explored the Covid world and what it meant for us personally and organisationally, our leadership in these challenging times and our highest future potential. Together with Lenard Krawinkel I developed a program based in the U-proces. We had sessions in the Olympic Stadium of Sankt Moritz, in the Gallery of Monica de Cardenas, Hotel Walther (the bar designed by Rolf Sachs, one of the initiators of the retreat) and stayed in the wonderful Chesa Salis. Commuting was by train and e-bike. All in all an experience that will stay with me for a long time.

The journey of transformative change is an experiential journey that is individually unique for each person. How does one cultivate, lead, and engage a journey of transformative change?

  • Acknowledging and leaning into the endings, and honoring their passing.
  • Accessing our longing during this time of change.
  • Letting go of trying to control, or planning all that should happen next.
  • Listening and tracking our experiences.
  • Inquiring into the edge of what we already know and venturing beyond into discovery rather than simply applying what we’ve learned and keeping within the scope of our experience.
  • Turning toward and engaging fears, worries, and concerns without needing to be defined by them.
  • During our time together we may address unsolved aspects of our past. We raise questions which we will explore through a variety of experiences and storytelling.

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