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The past year we’ve been working hard on our new firm NOW.Partners and last week we went public with our website: 100 experts & entrepreneurs integrating regenerative impact with economic success

Last year August we came together in Vught (The Netherlands) with the seven of us, initiated by Walter and Marcelle. During the year we had zoom calls twice a week and were growing the number of partners. Now we’re with with 100 worldwide with a very diverse background.

We have got our first high profile assignments and are keen to support more organisations to realise their regenerative vision.


From our website:

The WHY is clear, now the HOW

Aligning our companies and economies with the planet’s imperatives is inevitable & urgent. It integrates regenerative growth with competitive advantage and secures our license to operate. But how do we activate break-through opportunities that generate real value for all stakeholders, including shareholders and Nature? NOW’s 100 global partners empower leaders, companies and systems institutions to integrate positive impact with economic success to enable Regenerative Value Creation.

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