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Due to the corona pandemic my daughter missed her record: every year she wants to waterski earlier than the year before. The record stands till next year on April 10. But her new wetsuit -bought when covid-19 was hiding in China- is keeping her warm in June.

I haven’t been sailing yet and I’m not sure if it’s going to happen. The Nationals are organised the third week of September, so who knows. All other races are cancelled for the year. But I found myself a new hobby. Several days a week a MAMIL leaves the garage with a bright red bike. Never thought that after 30 years, I would enjoy it so much. My fitness increased with 1235% (no typo!) according to Strava, my calves get a shape and my sailboat cleaning skills find their way to my bike. The roads 50 km around our house don’t have any secrets for me. The longest commute wat 132 km and I’m now monitoring speed, heartbeat, cadence and what have you. I discover the literature about cycling and enjoy it.

It’s special to notice how much I (still) can learn and improve. I experience fatigue in new ways and notice what to do to recover from it. Can’t remember that I did that before. Nice.


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