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Since the beginning of this century I am much involved in the sustainability movement. I organised quite a few conferences with Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Institute (Theory, U, MIT Boston) and helped the Triodos Bank during 5 years with their strategy development during the financial crisis. With Sarvodaya and Dr. Ariyaratne I started working on the economic and societal development of Sri Lanka for several years. But it feels that now after the outcry of Greta Thunberg I realise we need to speed up. Big time.

This week I facilitated a dinner for 80 B-corporations during the Lead the Beat B-corp summit. A wonderful initiative where businesses strive to be a force for good for the world. But it’s not enough. So last month we came together with a group of international friends with whom I’ve been working for years. We found a nice place in Vught, the Netherlands where we brainstormed 4 days about what we’re going to do: Benefit Economy Partners is born, or in short: BE Partners.

We accelerate the growth of the B Economy, B Corps, B Cities and regenerative eco-systems

B Economy Partners is a Statutory Public Benefit LLC.

Our statement:

Pursuing a philosophy of interdependence, we collaborate with partners to evolve and strengthen a benefit economy and society that are regenerative, just, humane, and serve all living beings everywhere, including future generations.

We practice a wide variety of for-benefit entrepreneurial activities that integrate economic activity and human development with innovative social and planetary sustainability.

We bring in the projects that we’re doing already and initiate projects that need to be done. 10% of our revenues are invested in distressed communities. It’s wonderful to work with such an international and dedicated team.


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