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Timo and I started a new initiative: support leaders and executives who have suffered from cancer. Timo got it twice himself. We designed a 3 months program based on the latest scientific research and our own coaching experience. It is a combination of sports to become physically fit again and a leadership course to integrate everything that has happened into your life and work.

We’re in the midst of the interviews with the leaders. I’m deeply touched by their stories. From the first second we talk about what’s important in life, suffering, resilience and their personal way to deal with the disease. I’m grateful that I can do this work.

After the three months we’ll continue with the group coming together every month to share experiences, progress and potentially fall backs.

We brought together a wonderful team to support the executives. Gijs de Vries, the former director of the Red Cross and now chairman of the board of the Erasmus Medical Center, Prof dr. Peter Huijgens oncologist and Chairman of IKNL (Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation), Mark Haak, physiotherapist of the Olympic medallist sailors and Bas Geerdes a.o. former medical director of the Free University Medical Center and now specialist in mindfulness based therapy for cancer patients.

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