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The best sailors in the world -no Dutchies- come together in the Bahamas to sail the Finals of the Star Sailors League. 200.000$ prize money, wonderful weather and the most beautiful boat in the world. I’m Fleet Captain of the Dutch fleets and we had our annual meeting last Friday. There is new enthusiasm to sail the boat in the Netherlands. I’m pretty happy about that. The past years we had to travel to Italy, Germany and France to sail competitive races. Not complaining, but to sail around the corner is fun too.

It’s the racing that’s wonderful but to talk and write about it and to think how to improve the boat is just as much fun. I closely looked at the pictures of the star sailors this morning and saw how they solved certain challenges. I need to buy Harken-micro-blocks for the traveller :-). With those, the mainsheet won’t get jammed while gybing. At least, all the top crews have them. But only those who have a traveller. Of course.

It’s the depth of the detail and the thought process behind it, that’s what I like. No superficialities. Depth of knowledge and make it happen from there.

Living at the edge

Living at the edge

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