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This picture stands for me for the work I’m involved with at the moment: how to get out of the U?

The U is visible in the background, the mountains that come together in the lake. The left side is the past and the right side the future. The left side stands for all the customers, data and co-workers that over the years have become the organisation. The mountains to the right stand for the future: the innovative players that enter the market, the new Artificial Intelligence solutions, the lean and mean organisations.

I’m involved in healthcare, finance and research organisations in which the CEO knows that the disruption is there. It’s just over the horizon (no dots please) waiting for them. But how to ski towards it? What is the future asking from them? The only way to find out is going there and experimenting, finding the flow and making the organisation and the people in it as flexible and adaptive as possible.

Very interesting times and thanks to my daughter to show the way forward. In the picture.

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