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My son treated me on a trip to the F1 races in Monza for my birthday. That was something special! Approximately 180.000 fans from all over the world, 95% males and 5% beautiful females, in a relaxed atmosphere together till the race starts. The Tifosi shouting their drivers to victory what in the end didn’t happen. Hamilton is not very popular in Italy but they accept that he was better today. No aggression at all, just enjoying the races.

The power of the cars is captivating. They are so incredibly fast, and the skill of the drivers to manoeuvre the cars so close to each other is amazing. With over 300 km an hour they drive centimeters from each other. Jets come over in formation right before the start. They fly even faster than the cars and only meters apart.

It is an anachronism. Heineken beer advertises not to drink beer?! People deeply worried about climate change and in Monza we put a lot of CO2 in the air. Men and women being equal but at the F1 you only see a few beautiful photo models and many less looking males (who eagerly want to have a picture with one of the beauties). Much talk about purpose in life and here we indulge in the flow of race cars and (young) guys risking their lives.

But it is wonderful to connect to the power, the incredible noise, the amazing skills and the emotions that rise high. Moreover it’s wonderful to go with your son and wait many hours before they start. Not daring to leave our spot because others will take it immediately. So after a light breakfast we didn’t eat at all till late in the evening. These are experiences that will stay with us.

Incredible skill of these pilots: Monza jets

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