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The past week we had more or less holidays. It was great to stay at home, not to skate, to work a bit, and to do the spring cleaning!

The week started with a new born in the stable where my daughter is working. She put a camera in the corner of the stable, there ¬†was no privacy for the pregnant mare. For weeks there was excitement in our house about the upcoming baby and the not-to-be-missed-delivery. The camera was checked every 15 minutes. Day and night. Last weekend the camera registered an extra leg in a weird place. So we needed to hurry to get to the premises: “Dad if we die in a car accident we won’t see the fowl being born, better slow down a bit.” We were in time to see the baby being born. Pretty special. Especially because all the other horses were dead silent and attended the birth with full presence. Wonderful to witness.

From Switzerland a friend texted me that my book was there available at the lecture table. No idea who brought it there. But good to know the sales are doing well. With all the marketing efforts they should.

Spring cleaning. You might not believe it but I was looking forward to it already for weeks. Not especially the cleaning part but the letting go of stuff. I wasn’t as rigorous as Marie Kondo prescribes in her method but in the back of my mind is always the story of the man who owns only 150 items (alone on my desk I might find 150 items). The rest he got rid off. So I stood in front of my bookshelves and took a few hundred books out. Six large AH shopping bags were filled and went to the ‘give away shop.’ They were accompanied by six bags full of clothes and only two bags with toys. The shop was really pleased with it and so was I. Next to that I went five times to the large paper container a few blocks from our house and only twice to the ‘municipal garbage street’: old television and some trash. Letting go of stuff feels amazing. Home office, desk and wardrobe are accessible again. I had a high on my heart math score this morning.

So let’s have a look at what will emerge the coming weeks. There is space enough! We’ll start with the CEO Circle in London this week and are planning our conference ‘Leading into the unknown’: October 18 in Leiden, save the date! Spring may arrive.

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