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TEDx Harderwijk asked me to give a talk last Friday. Jorgen Nielsen is one of the organizers and he was keen to let me open the wonderfully organized event. Beforehand we practiced in the church (build in 1502!), got feedback on our presentations and he made me think of my core message.

I’m used to have a few days to share what I have to say. Now it had to be delivered in 15 minutes. Then it becomes less clear to me what exactly my message is and if I even have an idea worth spreading. He told me I have. So I kept searching a little further and deeper. I ended up with the difference of being in a YES state or in a NO state and that we need to take full responsibility to be in that open, curious, connected state. It resonated well with the audience. I advocated that you need the same qualities to become World champion sailing as to support your father in the last few weeks of his life. People were moved and some couldn’t keep it dry. That touched me and left me a speechless. The 15 minutes were over anyway.

A bit thank you to all the volunteers! And especially to Jorgen to be persistent.


PS: Jorgen came up with a better title for the talk: ‘my ego for the future’. It’s not about me but about supporting the action that is needed and in my reach.

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