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Marie-Claire Greve made this portrait after an intense day in Circl -the new conference venue of ABN AMRO- facilitating the Alliance for Precious Biospheres. We were not allowed to look into the camera and were not allowed to wear make-up. That was easy.

We had a wonderful conference taking a deep dive into poaching of Rhino’s (did you know that 1 kilogram Rhinohorn is sold for 1.00.000 dollars? In comparison: 1 kg gold is 41.933 today), how to make the businessplan of Nature Parks circular and being part of nature in new ways. Jan van der Greef shared with us how he connects to nature and is able to make the most stunning photographs sitting in a wheelchair.

I was able to bring Marina Silva in the meeting for the last hour. She is the former Minister of the Environment of Brazil and saved millions of hectares of rainforest during that period. She has been living the Amazone rainforest till her 15th anniversary. Mockingly she states that she couldn’t read or write but had her PhD in nature wisdom. She shared her story with us and  had learned that even the smallest mosquito can make a big difference for a large mammal. And that’s not different in politics. In the last elections she got already 20.000.000 votes, so what’s next?

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