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The past months I’ve been too busy writing to write. Here.

The manuscript of my new book is finished and the publisher Hollandia is excited. Studio Bas will design the book the upcoming weeks and let’s hope it will be in the bookshops before Christmas so all you CEO’s, leaders and sailors know what to ask for! I’ve interviewed the sailing medal winners and their coaches of the last Olympics and translated their experiences to our management world. In seven chapters (app 200 pages) I share the experiences of the elite sailors and top CEO’s who sail. The chapters are:

  1. Structure to perform
  2. Coach driven
  3. The campaign to Gold
  4. The 10 golden rules to win a sailing race (I had to ask the Olympians although it’s not the topic of the book. But since I’m a sailor myself I couldn’t hold back …)
  5. The inner condition for performing
  6. Presencing and Flow: wisdom and action!
  7. Epilogue with my key learnings

I’m happy with the result. I end all chapters with a few bullets that surprised me while conducting the interviews with the sailors, just a few of these to make you buy the book:

  • Dorian shares he loves his coach Aaron: but how did they get there?
  • Aaron sees 5 minutes before Dorian’s race in CAPITALS what the winning move for Dorian will be: how do you know for your company?
  • Marit transformed herself in between the two Olympics and it lead to Gold in Rio. So as we say in Dutch: During the conversion, the sale continues. But how do you do that yourself?
  • Jaap (her coach) proves he can live from the wind. He knows how to follow his passion and finds his purpose.

Maybe what summarizes best the essence of the book is a quote from Ian Ainslie the head coach: ‘At the far end of complexity there is simplicity.’ When you dare to trust your unconscious knowing you start to act from there and outperform.

It’s all about aligning with the elements

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