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Just back from the holidays at Lago di Como, Italy. It has been wonderful. Our daughter still comes with us, meaning: I had to steer the boat so she could waterski, to paraglide, to rest, and to climb the Via Ferrata in the Grand Massif. Pretty interesting times if your daughter is leading you through adventures. Until recently it had been the other way around.

Especially the Via Ferrata was a memorable experience. The rock was vertical, no place to rest and just climbing upwards. No possibility to go back neither time to look back or down. Interestingly enough I hadn’t any fear of heights this time. I used to do this in the past but that’s over 30 years ago. My body proved to be significantly less flexible and with admiration I watched my daughter climb upwards. Effortless.

We had dinner with Andrea who has build my Star sailing boat and his wife. The new boats in his boatyard are mouthwatering but I bought already a new mast this year. No further expenditures on boats please.

Another high was the opera Madame Butterfly in Verona. Strange at first that the music and voices were not amplified. But it lead to an unknown level of intimacy during the performance. Amazing that the musicians get the crowd of 25.000 dead silent in the heat.

The first few days friends accompanied us and I discussed the future and strategy of his organization drinking espresso, while wives and girls had a great time shopping. This is what holiday is meant to be. I didn’t miss the sailing…





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