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The year ended in Bali and Lombok with my family and best friend Jim and his wife from the US. We went back home a little early to be with my father who is ill. 2016 has been a strange year for me personally. Highs and lows to the max. Halfway the year I texted my wife that I was facilitating the best workshop ever of my professional career. And indeed it was pretty good. It led to more interesting work in fields where I hadn’t been before. Next to that it was wonderful to work with the Olympic Sailing squad. They held presentations for my clients, made money and it was fun to hear their stories unfolding. My book about sailing and management is progressing well and I expect to publish it spring 2017. The intimacy that we reached with another longtime client was very special to me. Facilitating the CEO circle in London with Sue was another high.

But I was in a difficult place early 2016. I didn’t feel too well. Calling Irvin Yalom, the amazing psychiatrist in San Francisco, for a consult for one of my clients, made me realize I needed to do something about my health. I used to think that health, work, personal life are all connected. But this year I found out that it is possible to do something about your health without changing your work or private life. It’s not one big melting pot. So I started with HeartMath, went to the desert with Jim and Diederik and found new wonderful friends in the UK. But most important for me was to realize that it is possible to design a program to get better again. To treat my health separately.

How about 2017? I partner with GLA: The Global Leaders Academy in London. I’m looking forward to that. We will start a new CEO circle to explore our world in disruption. Next to that I will build the businesscase and prototype a program for Leaders with Cancer. My book Passion (be-)for(-e) Performance will be published and hopefully a big hit. But most important will be to support my father the upcoming period so that he can rest in peace…

I wish you all a happy new year!

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