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Global Leadership interviewed me for their website: I’m pretty happy with the result. I tend to divide the world in two types of people: seekers and knowers. I categorize myself in the first: seekers. Always trying to understand, not too convinced of myself, open to explore but probably not so clear. Hence I was upfront not keen to be interviewed. But Walter Link and Aya Okawa did a great job and it looks as if I’ve learned something over the years.

I’m sharing my path from competitive sailor to executive coach and the parallels between the two. It’s about meditation, the longing for community, intuition, flow, and deep connection. Currently I’m writing a book about sailing and management. I’ve been interviewing top Olympic sailors and their coaches. The book will be published upcoming April.

I feel it as an honor to stand in between these wonderful people who have accomplished so much the world.

To watch the video, this is the link:

I’m more than happy to hear what you think of it!

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