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I’m pretty busy with my new book: Passion for Performance. Together with Olympic sailors and their coaches, I am translating sailing principles to a work environment. It’s fun to have dialogues and distill how they make a difference and outperform their competitors. For some it’s clear, but most are unconsciously capable. So this leads to new insights for both of us.

Marit Bouwmeester is crowned as the best female sailor ever of the Netherlands. It’s 80 years ago that the Dutch sailors won an Olympic Gold sailing medal in a boat. She trained 300 days a year with her coach and brother for the past three years. Every year 3-4 months in Rio. She knows the place better than the locals. Her coach left her after the Olympics of 2012 in London where she won silver. She had to reinvent herself and her sailing. It is a remarkable story about resilience, commitment, continuous improvement and becoming independent.

She shared her story in several organizations and all were impressed by her dedication, ambition and self awareness. You can book her now for presentations and workshops. You don’t get a ‘standard’ talk, we like to design these meetings to your (organizational) objective. Just send us an email:

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