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Sailing is not a spectator sport. It’s a pity but it isn’t. At the Olympics in Rio they did a great job, the beach was wonderful, screens very good even in the blazing sun, the commentary fine but still it’s hard to follow, even for experienced sailors. But the stories sailors have to share are all the more interesting!

It’s about their inner world: how they deal with setbacks, what they learn about themselves, how they beat the competition, what mental training they dare to endure. It’s amazing and stimulating. Yesterday I asked Marit Bouwmeester to share her story if front of 23 Board members of the Dutch courts. She told us about the 30 hour-no-sleep-training she did with the special forces to increase her resilience, sailing in a boat 5 kg too heavy to increase her positioning skills on the water, training with her brother Roelof 30 days a year in Rio and with her coach 300 days a year.

We were impressed by her drive, honesty, openness for feedback, and development as a human being the past years.

She will share her story in my forthcoming book, that will be published in March 2017.

If you’re interested in a presentation and workshop, mail me or Marit.

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