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The past year I’ve been working intensely with Sue Cheshire and Kent Allen and several of their partners from the Global Leaders Academy. They are based close to London and the past months we’ve lead together a CEO circle around Heartmath and Theory U. We met many years ago for the first time in New York at the Omega Institute and met again in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro where we developed a program for the Fetzer Institute.  We enjoy each others company and are pretty complimentary for our clients. So we decided to join forces!

The purpose of the Global Leaders Academy is to catalyse continuous breakthrough in our lives as leaders and the wider systems we touch, through advanced leadership development.

Learning circles

We believe the circle to be the root of all cultures, a tradition that can take us from the campfire to the future. The circle facilitates a level of conversation that allows groups of people to accomplish goals through an integrated experience of heart and mind. The thread that goes through all our GLA activities is a belief in the power of conversations to bring people into communities of respect and shared purpose.

Ours is a process of continuous co-creation, and ongoing collaboration to raise consciousness across four connected learning domains – personal, interpersonal, organisational and global. This approach enriches members’ own lives as well as the lives of those within the systems they touch, to make a positive difference and impact in the world.


In 2017 we will run a CEO circle called: the journey into the unknown! More to follow soon.

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