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Download here a free design of the One Day Training on ‘Love and Forgiveness’

Love and Forgiveness are words that are hardly used in business- or organizational contexts. At the same time we encounter loneliness and a lack of connection among many leaders in their work- places.

We developed this training program for people who are in search for more meaning in their lives and more connection. It is for those who are successful in what they do but who don’t feel that they live their life to the fullest. A more fulfilling life is not created in a one day course but we strive to ignite something in you that you start to long for more than that you’re encountering now.

In this training you become aware and get a better understanding of love. You learn to deepen your relationships with people that are im- portant to you, private and at your workplace. Through dialogue, short lectures and experiential practices with other participants you will increase your insight in the latest scientific findings and the oldest ancient wisdom. Science tells us that when you make love your prevailing desire, you remake whole domains of your life.

We designed this training in the jungle close to Rio de Janeiro with the International Experts in the field. I was more than happy to be part of it. The project is funded by the Fetzer Institute. Feel free to use this design and adapt it to your liking. It has proven to be a great starting point to bring love (or relational proximity) to the workplace!



Download the training guide: Training on Love and Forgiveness

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