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More Meaning and Connection in Business Environments with this 7 part intensive

Love is our supreme emotion that  broadens our vision and expands intelligent behavior. But we know little about our values and love is a word hardly used in a business environment. We developed this program for leaders who are searching for more meaning in their lives and more connection. It is for those who are successful in what they do but who don’t necessarily feel that they live their life to the fullest. We support them

  • to connect deeply with their values and purpose
  • to inspire their co-workers and help them to connect to their authentic presence.

In this training you become more aware and get a better understanding of the values that guide you. You learn to deepen your relationship with yourself and the people that are important to you, both privately and at your workplace. Through dialogue, short lectures and experiential practices with others you will increase your insight into yourself. We present the latest scientific findings and the oldest ancient wisdom to underscore the teachings.

Science tells us that when you make love your prevailing intention, you remake whole domains of your life.

Scilla Elworthy (3 times Nobel Peace Prize nominee) and myself designed the program and are more than happy to deliver it everywhere it’s needed,

With Love 🙂




Brochure of the: 7 part intensive on values and love at work

This project was made possible by the Fetzer Institute

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