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Last year I organized a couple of masterclasses around the U process. This year I like to follow these up with my last insights around listening and transformation. I have had some beautiful experiences in Brazil, Switzerland, France and India that I would like to share and deepen with you. Above you see a picture from the Volvo Ocean Race: to the right a boat that has been optimized over the past 100 years. It’s fast in its own category of yachts. To the left you see a boat that is faster than the wind. Almost always. That won’t happen with the red one.

I am curious what inner condition is needed for transformation? How can we come up with breakthrough ideas? How to trust ourselves and our intuition? These are a few questions that I would like to explore with you in the first masterclass.

And how can we build communities that make a difference? I’ll share my insights of the past year in several countries and am curious to learn from you. You will get a copy of my last book ‘Coming into Presence’.

The first masterclass will be held January 12 from 9:30-12:30. We will dive into the inner condition of the change agent and address levels of listening, coaching and we will do several practices.

I hope to welcome you!

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