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Last week I attended the Call of the Time dialogue of the Brahma Kumaris (BK) in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. Over 80 business leaders, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors and change makers came together to inquire how they could become more effective in their efforts to make it an even better world. The attacks in France (and Turkey a few weeks earlier) casted a shadow all the way to India. The urgency of the meeting became even more tangible.

Under the leadership of Dadi Janki -whose 100th! anniversary we celebrated- have the BK grown over the past 40 years exceptionally . They have now more than 8000 centers in 115 countries. There is no money involved, no businesscases or strategy plans but they are able to build a solar plant for the centre where they can host up to 20.000 people. Soon it will be fully sustainable. The organization is an example for many, lead by sisters and deeply and practically spiritual.

We started with the early morning meditation (4 AM!) followed by lectures and walks in nature. Before breakfast we had already a full day program of the West. Not surprising that they are so successful. ‘Who am I?’ is the question that the U process has borrowed from them. Their is no transformation if we don’t transform ourselves. Meditation is central in their lives, to get to know yourself better, to become more loving and peace full, and to experience bliss. New connections have been made and we’ve increased our understanding how we personally contribute to the world we’re living in. Om Shanti.

Some quotes:

Give no sorrow and take no sorrow

We are the results of what we were and we will be the results of what we are

Words create worlds


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