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The past week we came together with 60 change makers from the Province of Limburg: Ceo’s, Professors, Public Servants, Health Care Professionals and citizens. It must have been the most diverse group I’ve worked with, their age ranged between 24 and 76. But it has been very special. We discussed (and dialogued) how we can transform Limburg into the most ‘vital’ province of the Netherlands. At the moment there are many issues regarding poverty, unemployment, dependency on health care and a few more. During 24 hours we dove into it, inspired each other, had debates and came up with compelling ideas. We realized that it is about the ‘identity’ switch we need to make, from Calimero (the small duck with the egg shell on his head, complaining: “It’s not fair. I am small and you’re tall.”) to …

I feel confident that we can make the switch the upcoming years and break with the limiting convictions of the past. I am looking forward to that!

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