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Preparing the boat for the EHC 2015 of the Star Class

Years ago my dear friend Thais Corral from Brazil shared with me that the key leadership quality is to set the conditions so that people can excel. I am not sure if I fully understood what she was telling me in those days. But reflecting during the summer made me realize that this might be the biggest change in my work. I always visit workshop venues before hand, pay a lot of attention to the invitations, brief speakers rigorously, and share how I want to speak and listen to each other. The impact of what we’re doing has increased significantly.

Now I’m trying to apply some of this to organizing the Eastern Hemisphere Championship in the Star class. It will be held the upcoming week. The past months, I’ve been pretty busy with raising attention to the event, organizing the International Jury, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, Prizes, drones, photographers, catering, shirts, polo’s and a tracking device for all participants so that it’s even possible to follow the races from the shore and a new website ( I liked it better than I had expected and am looking forward to the start of the races and the opening ceremony.

IMG_6760In between our boat is better prepared than ever. Mark Reynolds shared with me (for my new book about presence & sailing, to be published before the Olympics 2016) that for him the key to his successes at the Olympics were preparing his boat better than all competitors: ‘ Then I don’t have to worry about that while racing.’ So son and daughter polished my Star, I replaced and spliced all ropes I could find and we trained so that we’re not off-pace during the first few races. Mast is trimmed well and we’re experimenting with the jib leads and the sheet tension. Something I haven’t done for years. The gout is spoiling my physical fitness but I can’t have it all.

After all the sailing it’s time to have a closer look at the Natural Purpose of UNOO. What is it that we’re really there for? I’ve had great conversations the past weeks with wonderful people, now it’s time to bring them together. There are some issues in the world that are deeply worrying me. Let’s have a look what activities we need to start…

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