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IMG_8179This dessert represents how I feel: it’s tasty but much. The first 3 weeks after the Holidays are hectic.

The dessert was served in Chicago where I facilitated the Next Generation Leadership Program for a Swedish multinational with my colleague Dana from China. The 18 selected leaders come from all over the world (Russia, China, India, UK, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Finland) and were accompanied with many customers since the topic of this workshop was innovation and customer focus. Zappos was introduced, Ideo, and I presented the Oldest sailing Trophy in the world, the America’s Cup case: huge innovations in only 7 years (from slow monohulls far away on the sea to flying (!) catamarans in a natural stadium (between the pier and Alcatraz in SF) with great television coverage). Since last time that we met in May a lot has happened in the world. Among others the MH17 was shot down. Since we are with Russians, Americans and Europeans it is special to see how that affects the interaction and dialogues between all of us. It makes you realize that the political world and the business world are not the same. Let alone the different communities that are involved. Since individual coaching is part of the assignment, I come to realize that the cultural differences are mainly on a superficial level. We all struggle with similar questions, even if you have reached -almost- the top of the pyramid of the organization: am I good enough, how to balance work, family and self, how to get rid of my ‘energy thieves’, how can I work on my self acceptance and be less critical? I feel privileged to do this work at this level.

The week before my book Coming into Presence was published. Great to see the book finished that I started writing with my dear friend Wim Beijderwellen who passed away last year. The book is dedicated to him and he will be proud wherever he is right now. I summarize what I know about Theory U and what all consultants should know about it. I did already get nice feedback and we’re in the middle of organizing the formal book launch, for more info:

Next to that we had a 24 hour ‘Presencing’  retreat with the top of a large Dutch organization. Tonight I got the comment that the meeting boosted the confidence of several participants in new ways. I invited Jan Pieter van Lieshout -the dance master- in the workshop and he gave great feedback to the participants while having us experience, silence, presence and movement.

Now we are in the middle of organizing an Education Lab with Windesheim University as partner. November 3 will be the date in their new e-learning lab.

For the dessert we were with the 4 of us and it was easily swallowed…


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