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Pieter de Kroon former CEO of the Van Boeijen Group presented last Monday how they transformed the care for people with disabilities. From taking caring of handicapped to supporting clients with disabilities to live a meaningful life. He shared how they had combined Theory U with Lean. Their locations are now governed by clients, their relatives and the staff of Van Boeijen. The three ‘stakeholders’ decide about budget, care and the improvements to be made. Very impressive. Together we are exploring how to spread this way of working in The Netherlands. The father of a client took the stage the last few minutes of the presentation. He had tears in his eyes because he felt so touched by what Van Boeijen had done for his child. That brought watery eyes to many of the 400 guests.

Otto Scharmer opened the conference for 400 people with his latest insights about Society 4.0. Van Boeijen is a nice example of 3.0. Just as Windesheim -another of my clients- who shared their experiences of our project “Learning with the next generation” that I facilitated the past 2 years.

The rest of the week I am immersed in the Alia conference where I give an advanced Theory U course for an international audience together with Jane Corbett.


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