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Upcoming March I’ll team up with Jane Corbett to facilitate an advanced Theory U track at the ALIA conference in Driebergen, The Netherlands. Last year I did one with Arawana Hayashi what was a lot of fun (and were evaluated very well, don’t worry). ALIA knows to integrate the inner and outer dimension of leadership and I enjoy the role of Art during the different sessions. I am happy to be part of the faculty again.

From the ALIA flyer: “Designed for participants who have experienced Theory U before, this track is a Master class of Presencing and Theory U that we will co-create together with you.  We expect you to be familiar with the U Process. Reading material will be sent beforehand.  Those new to Theory U are also welcome and we will start with a brief experiential introduction to the concepts and practices of Presencing and Theory U, as described by Otto Scharmer.”

By then I should have finished my forthcoming book about my experiences with Theory U of the past 10  years. In 2004 I attended the first presencing foundation course by Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski and Adam Kahane but didn’t understand what it was about. I was hooked anyway. I felt being part of something bigger than myself, found myself a coach and started to understand a bit what it was about. My clients did the rest :-).

This time we like to go a few steps further than the well known theory and share experiences with seasoned practitioners. I’m looking forward to that!

If you register before December 16, you will get an early bird discount, hope to see you in March!

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