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Workshop by: Hein Dijksterhuis (the Netherlands) and Arawana Hayashi (U.S.A.)

Text from the flyer: To bring about the level of transformation required in ourselves and our organizations, we need a new way of learning and of leading—one not limited to reflecting the patterns of the past but that tunes into the possibilities of the future. Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) and Embodied Presence Practice have got an integrated role within Theory U to explore our inner dimension and the field of which we are part. We have experienced how ‘stuck’ projects transformed into new possibilities by attending to the social field.

In this workshop we will present a case how we apply Theory U in an organizational transformation project and how Social Presencing Theatre brings to the surface a clearer sense of the relationships, hidden dynamics, and emerging possibilities inherent in a team, organization or larger system.

After a brief introduction of the U process in an organizational context we will do a form of peer group coaching with little external facilitation that has resemblances with constellation work. We would like to explore this way of working with you to get even better results.

Upcoming weekend Arawana and I will team up again for the global constellation conference in the Netherlands: Flying the Kites. I am looking forward to that! We had already a lot of fun at the ALIA meeting last month. I just heard that many people applied for our workshop. Let’s make it wonderful! The venue is the same as where I organized the meeting with Joseph Jaworski last fall: de Rode Hoed.

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