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Arawana and I gave a nice workshop at the Global Constellation Conference ‘Flying the Kites.’ I presented the Health Innovation Lab that I started in 2010. Arawana had us experience ‘Social Presencing Practices.’ We were with a (sub-)group of sixty in the Rode hoed in Amsterdam.

Mindfulness of body meant: lying down, sitting and standing consciously. People never did this with so much awareness. Try it. If you start thinking how to stand up it’s almost impossible to do it.

Village awareness: being with a group of five and do the same as above: sitting, lying down and standing. There are now three things that influence the relationship with in your group. There is the height, or vertical relation. Someone standing next to someone sitting gives a certain relationship that you feel in your body. The proximity of the other people, how close are they next to you? Do you touch each other or not? and the last one is the direction: where do you look? To the outside or look at each other? All is good and for sensing the field it’s good to notice what is happening and how it influences you.

Stuck practice: with a group of five you make a sculpture how one of you feels stuck in his/her life/organization. Then you feel the stuckness and let the sculpture 1 move into sculpture 2. In the debriefing you ask yourself where the movement started and what the inner condition was just before the movement came. Interesting stuff.

Case clinics is what we have been doing in the masterclass the past 2 years: a form of peer group coaching. The description is to be found at under tools.

We had a good time and went shopping afterwards for her first grandchild who celebrates his first anniversary today. She will be back just in time.

Here you can download the presentation that we’ve been given: Flying the kites April 2013

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