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“For me the past is about love, love for craftsmanship and a deep respect for authenticity. This has inspired me to continuously evolve and perfect my own craftsmanship and this has become the source from which I create,” also sprach Jan Taminiau the designer of the robe of the Dutch Queen Maxima. This source works well for him and for our new queen: she looks stunning.

Years ago I was asked with Wim to make a movie about Love in organizations. We both didn’t know what that would be like. After two brainstorming sessions we decided that we liked each other and that it was better to forget about the movie. Two weeks ago -during the book presentation of Twan- the dialogue with a huge group was about Love: Love in organizations and Love for yourself. It was started by a very well respected board member. In my book I share that ‘I am back with love.’

Within Theory U we avoid the L-word. It is about heart, about deeper relations, connecting to source. I am wondering what we are missing. Is this a Blind Spot? In the Vondelpark I briefly discussed it with Arawana last week. But we didn’t get any further than that it had to do with belonging. Feeling being part of a group. But I guess it’s more than that. During the ALIA meeting there was a lot of talking about love. Then I get annoyed: ‘Love is fine but we need power to realize something.’

But this Jan shares that love is connected to the past. The past that I usually connect to downloading and repetitive patterns. I’ll sit a bit with it.

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