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Last week we were together with students, teachers and leaders of Windesheim to explore the future of our school system and the role of the teachers for the next generation. The project is called: Learning with the Next Generation. They had done sensing journeys the past months and made videos of these dialogues: Directors in the Financial Sector (help children to develop their inner compass, support them in reflecting), Board members of Universities (between kindergarten and university I can’t remember a teacher that made impact on me. Probably I was a difficult kid), students (I need more freedom to develop myself), children (I want to be seen), learning developers (see how the internet and tablets can support you to increase personalized learning), top teachers (every day I ask myself how I can support students even better), alternative schools (together we make the rules. It’s all about intrinsic motivation) and many more. There are so many beautiful initiatives that it made us decide to organize a conference in the fall: crossing the tipping point 3. We will show the prototypes that we are developing and it will be open to new initiatives.

Safe the date: September 19, 2013

We will keep you posted on the Facebook page:

The picture above represents the S curves. The left is the old system that is coming to an end while the new schoolsystem isn’t there yet. There are the white dots that represent the parts of the new. We will explore the future by connecting these dots and see what new red line will emerge.

The wildlife pictures are by Jan van der Greef:

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