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Together with Arawana I will facilitate a weeklong Presencing workshop in the Alia conference ‘Leading in a time of transition’ upcoming March. We will facilitate a workshop called: ‘Presencing: Leading for Profound Innovation and Change.’ It will be in line with the Foundation Course Theory U that is given in Boston already for 8 years.

It’s great to team up with Arawana. I’ll share my experiences with the U and individual and organizational transformation and Arawana let’s us experience ‘Social Presencing Theatre.’ Together with you we will explore the depth of the U and inquire what is emerging for us.

Arawana invented the ‘Social Presencing Theatre’ (SPT). Six years ago, during a masterclass Theory U, she asked me to volunteer with her. I was supposed to dance and interact with her as an example for the group. I felt embarrassed and that showed. But over the years this has changed. I’ve experienced some of my most insightful moments in stuck projects doing this kind of ‘body work.’

The trick is to let your body guide you. And then observe what is happening, don’t plan, don’t act or role play, just let it happen. As Bagger Vance tells us in the beautiful movie: ‘The hand is wiser than the head ever will be.” So feeling comfortable with a group (and yourself) is a prerequisite. During the Health Innovation Lab we found out that we had put our focus too much on the established system: board members of the institutions, instead of the health seekers, the patients. I introduced it to one of the largest multinationals in The Netherlands and they were amazed how quickly the core challenge of their company surfaced. I often use it in peer group coaching and then people are surprised how specific their body is able to give feedback.

Last year during another masterclass I found out that I could tap into a different kind of energy. I felt disabled and could hardly walk because of a gout attack but during the SPT practice I was able ‘to fly’ on the energy that was there. I hardly felt my feet and it showed me my way forward. This all might sound very vague, but if there is a sparkle of interest to experience something new and profound, you need to join us the third week of March! It is going to be truly special.

The flyer: 2013 Europe ALIA flyer

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  • Hein says:

    If you write ‘presencing’ in the appropriate discount box you will get a discount of 10% and if you come with a group of 3 you will get a discount of 400 euro each! But be quick, almost sold out.

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