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Monday: decide to do something about the garden
Tuesday: many wheelbarrows were pushed around
Wednesday: 15 cubic meter trash container delivered and
10 cubic meter of sand
Friday: Texas chainsaw massacre is being performed, filling the container by the gardening crew
Saturday: new highway in our tiny village: 10 cubic meters of sand
My key personal learnings:
– Trust the numbers: call the right person and it all is going to happen
– When you take that step that is waiting for you for ages: Synchronicity kicks in
– On the fly it’s early enough to plan for the design of your new garden. First get rid of the mess and see what is already there
– How to motivate adolescents with an hangover: no stress, follow their rhythm and they will astonish you at the end of the day (carry each other in wheelbarrows singing loudly when you want to go to bed)
– It’s wonderful to do such a project with your son and his friends
– There is great music that I never heard before (and all neighbors must start to appreciate by now)
So the essence of this Sri Lankan project management approach, is:
– Start your project by taking a first irreversible step
– Let the first step guide you into a new world
– Be curious and intend to learn something new from people with complementary skills
– Find relatively cheap labour so that you can do your project well
– Meet your deadline before you are supposed to, with a small budget
– Enjoy the process consciously…

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  • Hein says:

    And now we even have a pond! After the first night it’s frozen over. Let’s wait a bit with planting flowers and jasmine…

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