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Follow this link to watch the full interview in English with Ricardo Semler. Brazil is the country to look for, true innovation is happening here. We went there with clients on sensing journeys and I went there several times for retreats and only once for Carnaval. Something to remember too I can tell you. Will start again the upcoming weeks.

My first meditation experience was on the 10th floor of a hotel at the Copacabana. No pretty women for me at the beach, just listening to the sounds. “What is the most distant sound that you are hearing while being silent, Hein?”

Wim and Walter interviewed many people in Brazil. They asked them how their ‘inner work’ influenced their ‘outer work.’ The prime minister shares how meditation influences her life (can you see Rutte telling you that?), Helio tells you ‘that enough is enough and that you need to look inwardly to see how much that is.’ Watch the compilation video on the UNOO website: ‘The heart of global leadership

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