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October 11 we were in the beautiful location of Natuurmonumenten at the Naardermeer. With 85 people ranging in age from 22 to 88 and from all sectors in life we inquired with Joseph Jaworski how to live and work from Source. The meeting was opened by dancer Marije Nie and pianist Marc van Roon. Together they hit again another level of depth and intimacy.

After the check in at small tables Joseph had an generative dialogue with Hadewych. He was touched by her openness and examples how she connected to source. ‘At certain moments in your life you just know what to do. It’s a deeper knowing that is connected to source, or what other traditions call for example primary knowing, the zero point field or the supernatural assisting force.’ And he continued: ‘We all have infinite potential, but how can we unleash it? It’s there waiting for us! We need to clench our filters. The cubic cm of chance is passing us all the time, but we often don’t see it’

He wanted to explain the six elements of Polanyi’s structure of knowledge creation, but the many stories in between prevented him from getting there. So here are the handouts with all the elements: October 11 Workshop – HANDOUTS You can download them.To Susan’s and Joseph’s surprise death was one of the topics that came up several times. They were touched by it. Especially because that is something that is never addressed in the United States. Groups always walk around it and don’t dare to connect to it or talk about it. I surprised them by telling that in The Netherlands sex would be the next level of depth and intimacy in a dialogue. And indeed it was raised in the afternoon: ‘How are the U and sex related, Mr Jaworski?’ Joseph told us that that was a topic that he had to take out from the editor of Synchronicity. He would send us the initial draft because he had a few ideas about sex.

Planning meeting over lunch

Planning meeting over lunch

The roadmap to live and work from source is summarized in the following 4 points:

  1. Recommit to your purpose daily
  2. Face every problem as an opportunity to discover
  3. Maintain a non-anxious presence
  4. Follow a disciplined path

We went into nature guided by his colleague Susan Taylor where we first enjoyed a packed lunch. 40 people sailed by boat and 40 started walking. I had only 10 minutes of the 90 because of all the planning and rearranging in between. Despite the little time, I found my self back in a haystack. I realized that this was the second time in a month. Last time was at Hawthorne in New York state. What struck me most though, was that it was the second time in my life. It seems that my body finds the time to take a break and enjoy the sun and be happy. One of the participants called me Hannibal of the A-team. He closed the tv series always with the remark: ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’ That was how I looked already for 2 days. When back, we sat in an huge circle and

debriefed about what had happened. The microphone acted as a talking stick. ‘Thank you for the opportunity to feel. I live such an hectic life and I don’t take the opportunity to go into nature. And it’s so nourishing.’ Next to that, sex, death, deep appreciation, gratitude, annoyance and love were there. It’s always amazing to me how much people dare to share in such a huge group with people they hardly  know. How come that we have so much difficulty to share our emotions in our day to day life? Here it looks easy and comforting.

After the break Paul de Blot shared his insights about leadership, our group and we touched the topic of movement. Time prevented us from deepening this with words. We had to stick to the movement itself. In our group of 4 Dennis suggested to place a talking stick together in the earth. We placed our fists on top of each other and imagined a talking stick in it that we drove gently in the earth. We even felt some resistance half way but then it gently moved deeper. It felt powerful. Marc and Marije lead us into a great musical closure.

Drinks and organic bites followed to share experiences and finalize the networking: many cards were exchanged.

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