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Vijay Gopola is a Yoga and Meditation teacher from Mysore India. He is for the first time in Europe. This morning he shared with me that he feels how the ‘system is driving us in the West’ and ‘how hard to is to stay connected to our Self in this environment.’ It’s a bit of a culture shock to him. Not stating that it is much better in India. There he sees that materialism is gaining more and more ground. ‘We live in a highly competitive and demanding world full of responsibilities in our private and professional life. The achieved material comforts fail to bring us the expected satisfaction. This leads to a continuous wanting and consuming state of mind without stilling the thirst of finding the true sense of life and real contentment.’ Vijay works in India with organizations like: Karnataka Power Transmission Company and Indian Medical Association.

In our meeting with Joseph Jaworski last month, we emphasized the development of the inner condition of the intervenor. Joseph stressed the importance to connect to Nature to get to know yourself better. Now we are organizing an experimental workshop to sense what we can learn from India. Vijay will share with us his insights and provide us with the basic tools necessary to face and go through life’s challenges.

Workshop: November 12 from 16.00-19.00 hours in Warmond. We organize this meeting in cooperation with Thoen Yoga. The costs are only 50 euro since it’s an experiment. You can apply through the webshop or send me an email:

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