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Tomorrow we gather at the Hawthorne Valley Farm in New York State to write our book about personal transformation and the role of coaching groups. Pretty ambitious, so I am looking forward to it. The past 2 years we formed a coaching group of¬†7 people¬†during the masterclass Theory U. Now we think it’s time to harvest and look back what has changed in our lives. We met during the different modules of the masterclass but especially over Skype. These calls were amazing. We sticked closely to the ‘form of case clinics’ and reached a depth that was new to all of us.

The structure of the calls in brief:

1: check in (20 minutes): everybody shares in a few sentences how he feels and how he is doing. Without interruption of the others.

2: case clinic (1 hour): one person presents her case. The others are allowed to ask a few questions and then when the situation is more or less clear, you are all silent for approximately 2 minutes. You sense within yourself what feelings, emotions, movements are evoked by the story you just listened to. One at a time you share this. You don’t react upon each other. When everybody has shared what emerged for him or her, the case giver reflects upon the images and what touches him or her. From there on you move together in a dialogue.

3: closure in which you briefly share how the call has impacted you.

Structure is simple and the effect beyond comprehension. But I assume that there is more to say about this. Early next year you can expect the book!

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  • Hein says:

    We’ve had a great couple of days. The working title of our book is: Our journey to live the U. We shared our stories of the past 2 years with each other, made collages to give some room to our subconsciousness and started writing together. The draft of our book will be:
    – our individual transformative stories of the past 2 years
    – the circle of seven: how we supported each other and how Theory U has supported us
    – ‘the result’: how we embody the new in our daily work
    Halfway November we plan to be done with the writing. UNOO will be the publisher and we hope to launch our book early next year. Wish us luck!

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