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After presenting my book in Berlin, I got a lot of acclaim for it. This is a short selection from all over the world. I am looking forward to the Dutch presentation in de Rode Hoed (more information: here):


Dear Hein,

I put aside the many books on my bedside table and read yours. It is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story and watching you unfold before my very eyes. Reading your story helped me see my own story. So, thank you so much for being a faithful guide–telling your story so openly and simply. I’m really glad you wrote it, and very appreciative of you sharing it with all of us in Berlin. How do I buy a few more?
Many thanks, Liz, Boston area USA


Hi Hein,

I just finished reading, I’m Back and wanted to let you know how much I  enjoyed and learned from it. Your honesty throughout the book was both refreshing and inspirational. For example, when you talked about “your loyal soldier, “ I could really resonate and wanted to introduce my soldier to yours. Hearing that I have friends on that journey too was quite supportive and affirming. You are a good and honest writer

Marie, Boston USA

Dear Hein,

Once more I wish to thank you for the inspiring and illuminating words of your book. You write with brave honesty and captivating humor about your experience and in doing so touch universal sentiments we can all share and learn from. I just finished the book yesterday and enjoyed it very much.

Secondly, I want to say how much I learned from and appreciated your presence in the Master Class. You always struck me as one who has his feet firmly on the ground with solid experience of human frailty and life’s challenges yet was one who has kept high ideals up front in a very human and courageous way. I thank you for that. Your clients are fortunate to have you guide them.

I wish you well in your work and happy times with your family these summer months. When I was a boy I used to sail with an uncle, but never kept it up…maybe you can offer learning journeys at sea for some of us old timers of the master class!!

Abrazo, Gene CMMAL  Bolivia

Dear Hein,

Your book accompanied my journey from Berlin to Shanghai. I did not feel I was on a journey of flight but a journey of yours which you shared vividly in the book. I felt I was there and understood everything you wrote. I may not comprehend the depth but I saw you and felt myself. It helped me retrieved the feeling I had during the solo in Cape Cod.

Dana, Shanghai China

Beste Hein,

Hartelijk dank voor  je boek. Mooi dat je je gedachten en vooral ook je dromen op deze manier deelt, heel fijn en inspirerend om van een individuele presencing ervaring te mogen mee genieten J , lezend in een comfortabele stoel.

Jan, Driebergen

Afgelopen weekend je boek in twee keer uitgelezen! Dat is toch echt heel bijzonder zeg, dat effect. Jouw ervaringen zitten dan inene onder mijn huid, alsof ik erbij ben geweest.

Margriet, Den Bosch

Finished book, great read! I really enjoyed your book. I liked your succinctness.

Barry, Galway, Ireland

Heb deze week met veel plezier je boek gelezen en veel herkend! Wat moedig dat je dat aan gegaan bent en ook dat je dat zo open durft te delen.
Maar ja….”is niet het meest intieme, het meest universele? “ Je zult er velen mee raken!
Carla, Amsterdam

“Anyone on the planet can sense authenticity. This book is a beautiful and inspiring example.”

Jim Marsden, nature guide, consultant and core member of the Presencing Institute

“We have worked with Hein for more than four years on a strategy plan for the bank. His entrepreneurship and his willingness to dive into the ‘U’ with us has contributed highly to the plan. It was beyond consultancy, a real joint venture. Reading ‘I am back’ explains why it worked”

Peter Blom, CEO Triodos Bank Group

“You have a unique style of storytelling that is very engaging and connects to the reader. Isn’t it human to struggle the way you have… the way all of us do. People share this quality and they want to read the stories of others and their experiences. You hold the reader’s attention and anticipation. You tell your story with humor; with great honesty and truth, in a way that connects your humanity to others; and with important details. I found myself painting the pictures of your words in my mind.  The story flows.  In your words, “Nice.”

Margaret K. O’Bryon, President and CEO Consumer Health Foundation, Washington DC

“From now you’re a great author to me! You gave me the opportunity to travel with you, to sit on your shoulder, to share your thoughts and feelings during your courageous personal journey and writing process.  And yes, you made it! ”I’m back” is a very intimate story. After reading this I know for sure, the only choice I have is to follow my heart.”

Wim Beijderwellen, ecologist, producer and documentary maker

“And now I even love you more,” Hein’s wife

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