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This morning I heard that Gregor passed away last night. He was a remarkable guy. The past two years we met each other every month over Skype in our coaching group of the Masterclass Theory U. Until the end he was committed and bright. He felt sorry he couldn’t attend the Berlin meeting in June because of his health situation. The call in which he told us that he was diagnosed and would die, is a  moment I always will remember. The silence was even more profound than usual. He kept fighting and found peace in the end. We will dedicate the book that we’re writing to you Gregor. Take care.

Excerpt from an interview with him in the role of Director of Corporate Consciousness at Seventh Generation : ‘Ultimately Seventh Generation has been living by this Iroquois quote of long ago: “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” This is probably the most telling statement as we move towards a new level of sustainability. But how do you begin to frame sustainability? If you look at the idea of where you take your stuff from the Earth, how you manufacture it and how it actually ends up in the hands of the consumer, our question is this: How is this all going to impact people not even born yet?

And so in the midst of being a part of the world of corporate responsibility, I’m beginning to get a stronger and stronger sense that most companies are still framing corporate responsibility as an object; something outside of its core strategy and operations, outside of its every day world. In a strange sense, our mission with corporate responsibility is to make my job completely obsolete. Every person in this company should, in their every deliberation, be thinking about what their impacts are at every stage in the company’s evolution and at every point in the product’s journey from Earth to factory to consumer. To us, the question of corporate responsibility is this: How are we all moving people to think about their impact on the present Earth? How are we seeking a different level of well being for generations as yet unborn?’

Read the whole interview: here

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