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In the fall we will organize a workshop with my ‘Source’ of inspiration: Joseph Jaworski. The meeting will be held October 10. We are busy preparing the program. Part of it will be of course the launch of the Dutch translation of his last book: Source, or in Dutch: Oorsprong. The meeting will be held in de Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. Costs are € 185 incl VAT (€ 155 excl VAT) and the two books. You can subscribe in the webshop in the menu bar. I am looking forward to see you there!

My book ‘I am back with love; presencing in the Anza-Borrego Desert‘ is inspired by Synchronicity. If Joseph would not have written it, I would not have been in the desert and probably would not have known about Theory U…

Excerpt from the first chapter of my book:

“Since reading Synchronicity by Joseph Jaworski eight years ago, I’ve been dreaming of doing a solo quest. I envision a deep connection to nature; watching whales swimming in front of me; being part of something bigger than myself; and having wonderful experiences. Now that the time is here, it feels different. I am very nervous about fasting for such a long time. I tried it last week for two days. I needed to know how my body would react. Wasn’t too bad. Fasting slows me down for sure. It brings more stillness and peace of mind. But still I have some concerns. I have been plagued for years with gout. My heart has had severe rhythm problems. I’ve coped with my heart after an operation 10 years ago. The gout is still a huge annoyance. With the weakness that comes with fasting, it feels like my symptoms return. Is my heart skipping beats? Do I feel the gout flaring up? Or am I just afraid of this new undertaking? I am rather adventurous but this comes close to that place just outside of my comfort zone. If I am honest, maybe it’s beyond my comfort zone?” You can order my book at the upper right corner of this page.

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