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Lars Rengersen added a real Webshop to my blog! He did great work! You can order my book ‘I am back – with love’ now throughout the shop and pay with PayPal. I remember from the past when  we gave all project management courses for the project managers and -leaders of the ABN AMRO Bank that these projects were huge undertakings. Now Lars needs only the weekend and a few emails back and forth to make one. No Business Study, functional model iteration, acceptance contracts, increment review documents or realization plan anymore. In those days nobody made the Benefits Realization Plan, neither did I this time. But I know it will save a lot of time for Jouk (5 minutes a book times…).

Since I didn’t make a test plan (let alone a ‘master test plan’ and a ‘master acceptance plan’ but tested it thoroughly, don’t worry) :

The first one who orders a copy of my book and send me some feedback about the Webshop, I will send an extra copy of the book to give away!*


* Family and co-workers are excluded 🙂

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