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Today I had a wonderful dialogue with my Theory U masterclass coaching group. Officially the program has ended but we decided to continue. We’re not yet in saying goodbye and letting go mode. There is more to discover together. We will write a book about our experiences of the past 2 years. For everybody so much has happened and we think that our personal stories might inspire others in their journey. The first week of September we will meet again close to New York at a farm. There we will braid our stories together and try to surface the key elements or conditions that are needed for personal transformation. Art and Social Presencing Theatre will be two of them. In the (i)book we want to bring together the different art forms: drawings, poems, text, pictures, video and what have you.

I enjoy tremendously how Kelvy Bird knows to summarize our meetings in drawings. You don’t hear her but she is always painting silently her reflections on the wall. This one is from our last masterclass in Berlin. The beauty is that everybody can make his or her own story out of it. Many artists know how to enter and to create from the bottom of the U. They are less reactive to their environment and dare to take a different stance. As facilitators we can (and should) learn from them.

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