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I am just back from the masterclass in Berlin. It was wonderful again. We did a sensing journey to uncover the snippets of Society 4.0 that could be found in this remarkable city. The diversity is enormous: you sense the remains of the Berlin Wall, see the memorials of the Second World War and talk with artists building a new society. You see failure and success in the same street and the energy and will to make a difference (see for example: All these ingredients led to deepened conversations among ourselves with many people having dark memories of the country’s past. As a group we reached the level that everything could be shared: the shadow and the light, both were there and nobody felt the urge to judge others or to act upon it. Pretty special.

Otto gave some insights about the phase of prototyping to institutionalizing, the 2 most important ones are:

1. reconnect and shift the core-axis of the system to level 3-4: from push to co-creation. This is what we did with Triodos Bank. We brought customers in to share dreams and to create new products and services together

2. create cross-institutional infrastructures that generate seeing and acting from the whole. In this way you start to see yourself how you contribute to the whole and what the effects are. We do this within in the Health Innovation Lab where professionals with very diverse backgrounds and patients come together from all walks of life.

My coaching group decided to write a book about our personal experiences of the past two years and how these are ‘braided.’ We will meet again in September.

I distributed my book ‘I am back – with love’ among the participants what was appreciated hugely. Several bought copies for their clients and friends. That’s comforting for a starting author. I didn’t dare to expect beforehand that the book would generate so much appreciation. Wonderful.

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