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Last Friday we met with the organizers of ‘Crossing the Tipping Point 2’ at the Posbank near Rheden. We discussed the location for our next conference, decided that 100.000 euro is too much money for Malcolm Gladwell and that we’re not going to invite him and experimented with wandering in nature. Natuurmonumenten Gelderland offered us their location to meet, and invited us to visit the park. One and a half year ago I supported them formulating their strategy for the upcoming years. We did a presencing workshop at the Posbank. One of their most beautiful nature parks. The meeting was a great success and you see one of the results in the tv commercials: the message is not anymore about protection and biodiversity but about fascination andĀ wonderment.

We did last week a small experiment with wonderment. I invited everybody to formulate a question for themselves and look for an answer outside in nature. We wandered one and a half hours alone over the heath (the only one who got lost was me) and to my surprise everybody found what (s)he was looking for. It’s great to have a deep dialogue afterwards. You get to know people in new ways. Because of the nature you slow down and connect more to what is essential for you. Advantage is that you have hardly reach with your mobile phone so that doesn’t distract you.

With UNOO we did something similar when we started. We went to ScotlandĀ for three days. One day and night we spend alone in the rain. The sharing afterwards was beautiful and life changing.

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