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The designer is taking care of  my baby. She is going to be colorful! Nice font and a lot of pictures. I registered the ISBN number today so the book exists!

Still has to be printed though. During the upcoming Theory U masterclass in Berlin, I hope to present and launch her. Several people of the masterclass were involved: Jim Marsden as friend and guide of the quest. Margaret O’Bryon as editor and making decent English of my manuscript. My coaching group as continuous support and the ones who challenged me to write about my experiences. Wim Beijderwellen stimulated me to write and I am grateful to him. It has been a great process with all of us. Creative and very rewarding. I was too chicken to send her to publishers to get responses like: ‘Dear Mr Dijksterhuis, do you know how many people think they have written an interesting book?’ So my company UNOO ( will publish it. Now it would be nice if a few of you would like to read it…

Some advance praise for the manuscript:

“You have a unique style of storytelling that is very engaging and connects to the reader. Isn’t it human to struggle the way you have… the way all of us do. People share this quality and they want to read the stories of others and their experiences. You hold the reader’s attention and anticipation. You tell your story with humor; with great honesty and truth, in a way that connects your humanity to others; and with important details. I found myself painting the pictures of your words in my mind.  The story flows.  In your words, “Nice.” Margaret K. O’Bryon, President and CEO Consumer Health Foundation, Washington DC

“From now you’re a great author to me! You gave me the opportunity to travel with you, to sit on your shoulder, to share your thoughts and feelings during your courageous personal journey and writing process.  And yes, you made it! “I’m back” is a very intimate story. After reading this I know for sure, the only choice I have is to follow my heart.” Wim Beijderwellen, ecologist, producer and documentary maker

“Anyone on the planet can sense authenticity. This book is a beautiful and inspiring example.” Jim Marsden, nature guide, consultant and core member of the Presencing Institute

“We have worked with Hein for more than four years on a strategy plan for the bank. His entrepreneurship and his willingness to dive into the ‘U’ with us has contributed highly to the plan. It was beyond consultancy, a real joint venture. Reading ‘I am back’ explains why it worked” Peter Blom, CEO Triodos Bank Group

‘And now I even love you more,’ my wife…

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