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We teamed up with the HumanCapitalGroup, Hans Trommel, and TempoTeam, Maud Klis, to organize roundtable meetings about Vitality in organizations. Key question of the dialogue was how to increase the vitality, knowing that our employees will grow older (in 2030 more employees above 45 years than beneath), there is a recession with lay offs and the costs of healthcare are rising steeply. Next to that half of the population in the Netherlands is already bringing too many kilo’s with them (yes, including me). Obese will be the health problem the next decade.

TempoTeam gave an overview of what is happening in Europe at the moment, Hans shared his model around the HumanCapitalFactor. He can measure the health of an organization and their co-workers. They developed an ICT system that is accessible by the physician, the co-worker and on an aggregated level by the manager. It’s pretty impressive. They advise now on ‘How to increase health’ instead of putting their attention to sick leave.

I shared the out of the box story of Zappos. Take a look at the videos you can find on the internet. How come that this Tony Hsieh is so successful? What is happening here? Try to look beyond your own resistance. Your voice of judgment and cynicism are ready to jump in, I promise you.

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